1° Reservation - Registration
For all bookings, the reservation form must be returned by
- E-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- or fax 00 84 4 3715 3011
- Or mail to our office
The customer's booking means unreserved general conditions of sale.
Upon receipt of the reservation form, we will send an acknowledgment to you.

2° Deposit
Bookings are confirmed once a deposit has been cashed.
The deposit is represented by:
- A deposit of 30% of the total price per person, of the land based component of the tour.
- Plus the full price of air tickets on domestic flights or international flights to neighboring countries purchased by Phnom Penh Tour
This payment can be made by:
- International bank transfer (bank charges may be billed by the customer's bank, and they remain the responsibility of the customer). The price is in $US. All payment may be in the currency of your choice, i.e. ( $US, Euros $AUD or Vietnam Dong). We will apply the exchange rate on the day of the transaction - by taking reference to the site www.xe.com
- Or via a secure payment site www.onepay.vn (bank charges of 3.85% payable by the customer). Contact us for the details and procedure.
- Or by WESTERN UNION www.westernunion.com
- Or in cash at our offices in the currency of your choice. ($US, Euros $AUD)
The deposit is payable to the beneficiary's account indicated below.
Recipient Name: PHAM DAC KHAM
Name of Bank: Asia Commercial Bank
Number of beneficiary's account in USD: 32352469
Number of beneficiary's account in EURO: 38408849
Bank Address: 442 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Beneficiary Bank Code: ASCBVNVX
Website: www.acb.com.vn
Once the transfer has been made to our account, the customer receives:
An invoice specifying the amount of the trip rate, the deposit, and the balance due.
On receipt of the deposit, we will begin the process of reservations.
Confirmation of these reservations is sent to the client within10 days by mail.

3° Balance
The customer will pay the remaining amount of the estimate (70%) on arrival and before services commence.
Either in cash at our offices
Or by bank transfer to the beneficiary's account quoted above (Bank charges may be billed to the customer's bank. They remain the responsibility of the customer)
Either by credit card at our offices. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD. (Bank charges of about 3% of transaction amount is charged to the customer)
The estimates are calculated in $US. Payment may be in the currency of choice of the client ($US, Euros $AUD). We will apply the current exchange rate on the day of the transaction by taking reference to the site www.xe.com.
Once payment is made in full, the customer will receive the final invoice showing the account has been finalized.
Either personally, in our offices
Or by e-mail or fax

4° Price revision
Upon receipt of the registration of the client, we guarantee the price quoted.
However, some cases of force majeure (act of God) may force us to adjust our prices to meet the conditions of travel as described in the specifications.
These cases of force majeure may be:

A significant, unpredictable price rise by our hotel partners
Increased unpredictability and significant rises in transport costs:( trains, planes, junks, boats, or road vehicles )
Emergence of a new tax introduced by the Government
A very large fluctuation having a significant impact on the exchange rate.
Proof of any cases of force majeure shall be provided to the customer.
In the case of force majeure, even after paying the deposit, the customer can refuse these increases and cancel his trip.
We are committed for the amount of the deposit paid by the customer.

5° Cancellation made by client
Any cancellation by the customer must be an e-mail, or fax informing us.
In all cases 50 USD will be charged to the customer.
In addition:
If the cancellation occurs 45 days before the commencement of the journey, half the deposit will be retained,
If the cancellation occurs between 45 and 21 days before commencement of travel, 70% of the deposit is retained,
if the cancellation occurs between 20 and 8 days before commencement of travel, 90% of the deposit is retained,
If the cancellation occurs less than eight days before the beginning of the trip, the deposit is kept in full.
The amounts to be reimbursed by Hanoi Voyages will be by bank transfer. Bank charges will be paid by the customer.

6° Cancellation or changes by the travel organizer
Events of unforeseeable force majeure (eg health reasons, political, natural disasters, air transport, etc. ....) which results in a dangerous journey, and without respect for normal security may force us to cancel or modify the customer's journey.
In case of cancellation for these reasons of force majeure, the persons listed in the tour program will be fully reimbursed, but are not entitled to any further compensation.

7° Insurance and Assistance
Any customer traveling with us must have comprehensive insurance coverage,
specific to international travel and more specifically on the south-east Asia. (Assistance to persons and medical expenses, insurance in case of accident, repatriation, baggage insurance, cancellation insurance, liability etc ...)

8° Responsability
We are committed to providing our clients with all the services mentioned in the travel program.
The client will comply with the rules set by the guide or any other agency representative.
These rules are designed to ensure the smooth running of the program and most importantly are also safety rules.
Any activities the client partakes in which do not fall within the travel program, are not the responsibility of our agency.
We are the intermediary between the client and various service providers (transport, hotels, airlines, restaurants, boats ,...). We must do our best to ensure the best quality services, but we should not be confused with the various providers, which in any event, are responsible for their services.
We cannot be held liable for adverse consequences resulting from an event of force majeure (weather, natural disaster, a political problem, or labour strikes).
We cannot be held responsible for the consequences of delays, impediments or cancellation of airline flights or rail transport.
We cannot be held responsible for theft or damage of personal belongings in hotels.
We can not be held responsible for omissions, loss or damage of personal belongings.
We cannot be held liable for wrongs committed by our passengers.
We shall not be liable for charges undertaken an accident.
We can not be held responsible for non-compliance schedules because of travelers behavior.
Where possible we will always try to find an alternative arrangement.

9° Unused services
All travel curtailed or interrupted, or any service not used for any reason whatsoever may give rise to a reimbursement by our agency.
However, in case of disruption of travel for health reasons, and furnished with proof, the organizer will make every effort to obtain full or partial refund of unused services to the benefit of our customers.

10° Claims-Litigation
They must be received within 10 days maximum after the end of the trip, by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt or by email.
The two parties must strive to find a solution together amicably to resolve their differences.
If a settlement agreement can not be defined by the two parties, the International Center for Arbitration under the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam will be the arbiter.
This is OUR CONTRACT and proof of your purchase and our commitment.

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